The Next Big Thing Of ’08

With each passing year, personal technology such as phones, gadgets, media electronics, and more get better, smaller, and cheaper. With the introduction of the Apple iPhone and other milestones, 2007 was an incredible year. That means 2008 can only get better and looking at last year’s trends, we are going to take a look at a few trends that will fuel 2008.

While hundreds of products, from Ultra Mobile PCs to “superportables” to tablet PCs, came out last year, none really captured the attention of the mainstream gadget-buying public. That is going to change this year, making flash-based superportables the new thing in 2008. 2008 will lead in a new era of very thin, very light, very quiet flash storage mini-laptops. With no moving parts, flash devices are also sturdier because they do not have delicate parts in the hard drive that can be easily damaged with minor shock.

We have all grown up watching visions of home robots on TV – from “Lost In Space” to “The Jetsons.” The movie “iRobots” depicted robots working by our side. It has come clear to me, that what we once saw on TV as preposterous, ends up being the true way of life. Although a few home robot products have emerged over the last two decades, they have all been either too expensive or to “toyish” for broad consumer use. Although Roomba is not a toy and quite helpful, there are things that the Roomba just can’t do. 2008 will be the year when very intelligent and very affordable home robots go mainstream, thanks to a brilliant new idea: “Connect the robot to a home PC via Wi-Fi, and let the PC serve as the robot’s brains. This innovation means that home robots can cost a few hundred dollars, instead of a couple thousand.” One Robot that I have been following up on (probably due this year) is Zeno. As with most robots, Zeno will be able to recognize your face, show emotions, walk, talk, learn, and more.

I recently purchased a printer, which featured all the norm of a printer, but also included WiFi. Although this is not new, I expect 2008 will be huge in releasing products with built-in WiFi. Most people want to have most of their items easily connected to the internet; Not just PCs and cell phones, but also MP3 players, e-book readers, digital cameras, wristwatches, cars and more. The Amazon Kindle has built-in internet. With that and the iPod Touch making their debut with this particular feature last year, I have a feeling they have started what is to become a huge success.

I speculate that this year will be big with innovative technology with mind-blowing features. GPS will get better, more detailed, Cell Phones will get an upgrade, and social networking will explode even more. If you though it was big in 2007, just wait. Multi-touch computers will be more prevalent. With all this in mind, be prepared to be enlightened with great products this year. As a tech enthusiast, I am excited and anxious to see what shall come. One way or the other, there will be awesome gadget improvement this year.