3 Ways To Get A Guaranteed MASSIVE Penis Size (Plus More Benefits) By Exercising Your Penis

If you have noticed an increase in advertisements from companies that sell those enlargement tools, pills, and   gadgets , it’s more than likely because they are realizing that most men are now starting to change directions and are going the natural route to get a bigger penis size. This has also lead to companies trying to fool you by all of a sudden changing their advertisements to mention the words “naturally”, “safe”, “doctor approved”, etc. Don’t be fooled my friend, natural male enhancement… is 100% NATURAL.. (which means no drugs, tools, or surgery).

The most effective natural method there is for not only getting a bigger penis size, but for also improving the health of your manhood, improving the cosmetic appearance of your manhood, and even improving your sexual performance in bed are 100% all natural penis hand exercises.

Penis exercises are unique methods that you do with just your hands. These exercises (which there are dozens of them with different variations by the way) will make your penis grow much longer, much thicker, much harder, and so much more.

But, that’s not the only positive about this method. Besides the fact that you’ll also improve your performance in bed, and because this method is 100% natural, your results will last PERMANENTLY. And as most men had to find out the hard way, unnatural methods most certainly don’t provide permanent results… or even impressive results for that matter (I learned this the hard way using pumps).

So, now that you know why penis exercises are the go-to method, I figured I would share with you 3 tips I learned during my journey with going from a puny 5 1/2 inches fully erected to 7 1/2 inches fully erected (plus a whole lot more benefits). I’m sharing these tips with you so that you can put them in action if you decide to go the natural route and exercise your manhood to grow bigger…

1. You have to first choose the right program…

I can’t stress this enough: Not all penis exercise programs are the same. Some of these programs don’t have all the necessary exercises you need to do to get amazing growth with your manhood. And, some of these programs don’t have good customer service and don’t provide good value.

The program I chose has EVERY exercise you need, it has amazing customer service, and it has a ton of value (bonus sections in the program showing you secret exercises that will explode your growth, extra free unadvertised bonuses that goes along with the program, and more).

2. You have to make sure you are doing natural things to speed up blood flow…

Having more blood flowing into your penile shaft is a great way to ensure you grow bigger, get harder, and stay healthier. Now, penis exercises will in fact help speed up blood flow, but if you do extra things to help speed up blood flow, then the only thing you will end up doing is making the exercises work FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY.

Some of the things I did was I exercised my body more, I consumed more water, I cut back on alcohol, and I ate and consumed more antioxidants (berries, green veggies, green tea, etc.).

3. You have to stay on the “step-by-step” path…

What I mean by that is it is imperative that you follow the penis exercise program step-by-step exactly as it guides you. The good programs will have beginner routines down to advanced routines. You MUST follow this exactly as it is laid out in order to not just get amazing results, but to ensure you don’t injure yourself or start suffering from self-inflicted side-effects. Penis exercises themselves will not cause side-effects. The only way it WILL happen is if you don’t follow the program as it is laid out for you.

Bottom line, if you follow those tips above, and if you of course decide to go the natural route and exercise your penis in the first place, then I can assure you, you WILL see some results within the first 3 weeks that will leave you speechless!