SWTOR Crew Skills

SWTOR Crew Skills are a little different than other MMO professions since you don’t have to do any of the gathering or crafting yourself. The crew skills allow you to assign the task to your companions while you continue questing, PVPing, or doing any other part of the game you are interested in.

Once you hit level 10 you will be able to pick your crew skills. There are 3 types of skills to choose from, Crafting, Gathering, and Mission. You may only have a total of 3 skills at once and you are limited to 1 crafting skill. So basically you will have either 3 gathering, 3 mission, 1 crafting with 2 gathering, 1 crafting with 2 mission or 1 crafting with 1 gathering and 1 mission.

Gathering Skills: You can choose up to 3 gathering skills for your character.

  • Archaeology: Allows you to find imbued items like Lightsaber crystals and ancient artifacts. The crystals that are mined provide resources for Artifice and Synthweaving.
  • Bioanalysis: Allows you to collect genetic material from creatures and plants. These items are used by Biochem.
  • Scavenging: Allow you to recover useful materials and parts from old or damaged technology. These materials are used in Cybertech, Armstech, and Armormech.
  • Slicing: Allows you to access secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics. The information is mainly used in Cybertech.

Mission Skills: You may have up to 3 mission skills for your character

  • Diplomacy: the art of conducting and managing negotiations. This provides medical supplies, companion gifts and light/darkside points.
  • Investigation: the skill of examining evidence and following clues to discover valuable secrets. This provides prototype schematics, research compounds and companion gifts.
  • Treasure Hunting: the ability to track down and recover valuable items by investigating a series of clues. This provides lockboxes, gemstones, and companion gifts.
  • Underworld Trading: expertise in the trading of illegal goods and services. This provides luxury fabrics, custom schematics and companion gifts.

Crafting Skills: You may only have 1 crafting skill for your character

  • Armormech: This skill allows you to craft personal armor using hard metals and electronic shielding.
  • Armstech: This skill allows you to craft various weapons such as blasters, assault cannons and sniper rifles. You can also make weapon upgrades and modifications.
  • Artifice: This skill allows you to construct Jedi and Sith artifacts such as lightsaber modifications.
  • Biochem: This skill allows the creation of performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants.
  • Cybertech: This skill allows you to create droid armor, earpieces, grenades, armoring, mods and miscellaneous gadgets.
  • Synthweaving: This skill allows you to creating lighter outfits and armors that are imbued with supernatural qualities for Force users.

After choosing your crafting skills, you’re given the ability to reverse engineer certain items in your inventory. Reverse Engineering breaks items down into components you can then use to craft new items, including a higher quality version of that same item. You can reverse engineer most items that you craft and some items that you find in the world. When an item is reversed engineered, the item is destroyed in the process so be careful what you select.

Here are some suggestions for matching up SWTOR Crew Skills to your class:

Jedi Knight – Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, Cybertech

Jedi Consular – Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, Cybertech

Smuggler – Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech

Trooper – Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech

Sith Warrior – Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, Cybertech

Sith Inquisitor – Artifice, Synthweaving, Biochem, Cybertech

Bounty Hunter – Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech

Imperial Agent – Armormech, Armstech, Biochem, Cybertech

This provides you with a basics understand of the SWTOR Crew Skills.

Setting New Corporate Standards With iPhone Email

iPhone was initially released in the market as a general consumer device but the majority of those who have purchased the unit were surprisingly business people belonging to the corporate world. The amazing factors that made it so appealing to many is its being easy to use, its impressive interface, and advanced integration with its industry partners in the business circle.

However, the biggest setback it faces as one of the major complaints of its users is their inaccessibility to their business emails. Since, these mails are traditionally known to be running on dissimilar systems, along with the fact that majority of corporate mails are protected by a firewall, the corporate email becomes impossible for the iPhone to reach and access.

One solution to this iPhone email problem is to have your received mails of your corporate mail to be forwarded to your personal email. Nevertheless, there could still be some problems that may arise. If you happen to face the need of replying to any of these business mails, your address would reflect that of your personal email. The best thing you can do is just add your corporate email address in your recipients’ list. Another better answer to this problem is to get your company’s IT experts and administrators to add up iPhone email to their supported list of smartphones. You can suggest to search the online market for corporate email servers that can effectively integrate iPhone email to your company’s system.

The concept of iPhone email is very necessary in being able to archive and monitor all business correspondences especially in this age of gadgets, email and Internet. The company you are in can also consider purchasing licensed software vendors such as IBM, Apple, and Sybase to make the process of iPhone integration into your system easier for the IT staff.

The use of iPhone in the corporate setting can be a great help especially with its appeal to the employees of being user friendly and trendy. It won’t be so much of another burden to carry since its physical features are very handy and if be given enough time, resource, and effort, any company would realize that it is not really that difficult to incorporate the convenient attributes of iPhone into the present email and administrative system. This possibility has been already achieved by BlackBerry in the past. Who would say this is not so possible for iPhone?

Fashion Forward Wearable Devices Enhance Digital Runway

Have you watched a spy movie and wondered if the undercover devices they use on their missions, or the mechanisms helping them escape a nail-biting situation are realistic? Digital manufacturers are producing products in wearable technology, based on several ideas seen in spy and science fiction movies. Manufacturers are ensuring that their sleek and stylish designs will not sacrifice performance, attributes and efficiency for today’s personal use. Amazingly, these devices are gaining popularity every day and practically every household owns at least one.

The digital fashion runway is taking on a distinctive look with wearable device statements that are functional and in vogue. Today’s digital landscape is taking on a new social trend in the world of fashionable accessories. The future of wearables allows the user to take their technology with them for connecting to their daily lives, from gadgets for fitness and personal communications to infotainment (information-entertainment). How effective these devices are depends largely on connectivity, as well as convenience. Industry influencers are competing with a variety of wearable accessories that include smart watches, smart eyewear, smart trackers, smart sport accessories, wearable cameras, smart bracelets, healthcare devices, activity trackers, entertainment devices, running watches and devices for kids and pets.

Wearable computers are engineered to connect to the internet in real-time, while mixing the real world, with virtual and hybrid reality. The digital experience from these fashionable wearable devices compute through ambient intelligence (AMI), which are electronic environments sensitive to adapting and responding to the human presence. End-users are able to enjoy and experience personal, well-timed and relevant information twenty-four hours a day.

Wearable device industry leaders are ensuring their technology, platforms and expertise are highly competitive, and on point for increased consumer demand. They are making it possible to connect incredibly fast over 3G and 4G LTE networks. Technologies that include sensors, radio-frequency identification (RFID), biometrics, nanotechnology and software upgrades are embedded in these fashion forward wearables to help automate digital platforms with ease and efficiency. It will be interesting to see how soon we witness more luxurious wearable fashion designs on the electronic runway. Obviously, it would be a fashion faux pas to wear a sporty smart bracelet with formalwear. The future of fashion forward wearables offers unlimited, innovative possibilities.

How To Catch More Fish

That’s what many anglers want to do, right? Catch more fish? Of course. And one of the best ways to catch more fish is by learning more. The more tips and techniques you can learn the better. You never know when one of them might come in handy. Here’s are a few of the best that I’ve learned in my past 20 years of angling :

Use Gang Hooks – One of the best things that can be done to help you catch more fish is to begin using gang hooks rather than 1 single hook for any of your bait fishing, especially with live worms. Gang hooks are the best way to present a live worm. They work very well for Powerbait as well. Powerbait floats, and when rigged with a set of gang hooks that means that you’ll have 2 pieces of Powerbait floating off the bottom the next time that you’re still fishing, thus doubling your chances of hooking up!

Clean Your Hands – Most fish have a very sensitive sense of smell. So if your hands are smelly (have bug spray on them for example) the fish can smell this. And if the fish smell something that doesn’t seem right, that means no bites for you. A fish isn’t going to bite an offering that smells like an ashtray (which is the way your hands smell, if you smoke). Simply rubbing your hands in a handful of grass or dirt will help eliminate any foreign smells that might be on your hands.

Use The Weather – Use the weather to your advantage. There are some simple aspects of the weather and how it relates to fishing. Learn what they are, and it’s an easy way to increase your success. Frontal Systems are a big one. Simply do some research on the weather and fish behavior and it will pay big dividends.

Use the Moon – The phases of the moon have quite an impact on fishing. Certain phases of the moon mean that the fish will be much more active. Find out not only what these phases are, but when they occur each month. This way you can concentrate your fishing efforts when the fish are most active. Doesn’t this make sense?

Maximize Your Time – We all have a finite amount of time to spend fishing. This means that the time we do spend fishing needs to be maximized. Having your fishing gear organized before you actually go fishing is a big one. That way your not spending fishing time searching for things. Employing a gadget such as a bait bag will help you maximize your time. With a bait bag, you’ve got your bait ready to go, rather than fumbling around with containers and such.

Begin using any or all of these tips and you will catch more fish; it’s as simple as that. Many times adding one little tip to your repertoire can make all the difference. Remember, 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. Each little tip and technique that you learn will put you closer to being in that top 10% group, which is where all angler want to be.

3 Main Causes of Kernel Errors

A kernel error is a failure in some code critical to Windows. If you have ever encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), then you have seen a kernel error. Windows is actually several layers of programs made to work together. You can think of Windows as if it were your body, with many pieces working together to make a whole, and, like your body, some parts of Windows are more important than others.

The kernel is the most important part of Windows. It includes critical programs to handle things like memory management and device drivers for the graphics card. These programs are like a body’s heart and brain. If something in the kernel crashes, it will often cause all of Windows to crash.

Software Failures

Because there are a lot of programs in the kernel, there are many opportunities for bugs to appear. Although Microsoft does extensive testing to get rid of bugs, their testing facilities cannot run through all the combinations that billions of computers use with Windows when some bugs get through.

However, many of the kernel failures are in device drivers written by companies that make hardware, not by Microsoft. Your graphics card, for example, probably uses a driver created by the video company. These companies often work with Microsoft to test their drivers, but having companies work together adds an additional layer of complexity.

Hardware Failures

A hardware failure can cause a kernel error. If your graphics card fails, it can send bad data to the graphics device driver, which then crashes, creating a kernel error. If your hard disk fails, it can corrupt files used by Windows and cause the programs that use those files to crash.

Registry Failures

Registry failures can cause kernel errors. The registry is a database of information that Windows uses to store information about programs. If the registry gets corrupted, the programs that use it can cause kernel errors.

Registry corruption can come from either software or hardware failures. Software corruption can come from a bug in one of the programs that writes information out to the registry. Or if you turn off your computer without doing a complete shutdown, the registry files may not get completely written to the disk. Hardware corruption can happen when the hard disk fails causing parts of the registry files to be lost. It’s a good idea to do some research on kernel errors and other registry issues.

Buy to Let Property Insurance

Buy to let property insurance is a unique insurance product designed specifically fr landlord renting out properties on short hold tenancy agreements. Choosing this kind of specific buy to let insurance is an absolute must for anyone considering becoming a buy to let landlord.

By having a regular domestic property insurance policy (not specific buy to let property insurance) can leave you not covered adequately should something go wrong. One example of the difference between a regular and buy to let policy is the amount of time you are allowed to have the property unoccupied. With many domestic policies you’ll be covered if you leave your property unoccupied for a short period such as 3 weeks, for example if you go away on holiday. However when renting your property, the time between one tenant moving out and another moving in can in certain circumstances turn into several weeks or months. This covers you for longer periods such as this.

Imagine you are letting a property out, the tenant moves out. While you letting agent is searching for a new tenant for you something happens such a subsidence over the period of a few days, causing the place to fall down. Imagine the horror when you discover that because you property insurance is not buy to let specific, you are not covered! Yes this might be a far fetched example, however it illustrates what may happen if you do not upgrade your policy to buy to let property insurance.

For the sake of a phone call and a slightly higher premium, this can save you thousands in the long run.

Canon Digital Camera – Point And Shoot

Canon is the premiere image and information systems company across the country – amassing a good reputation from its production of quality copiers, printers, lenses, and digital cameras. First on the line of Canon digital camera is the PowerShot S2 IS – 5 mega pixels, 12x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, this is among the best digital cameras to acquire. It has an Optical Image Stabilizer or the IS reducing camera shakes during shots. The UD lens offers the most amazing color accuracy within the zoom area of a digital camera.

The PowerShot S2 IS records moving pictures without missing a single perfect image because of the Movie Snap feature – with one click, that perfect image stores itself in your PowerShot together with the recorded video. The DIGIC II Image Processor increases its processing speed, image quality and several features that make this digital camera so much more amazing – a quicker start-up time, instant playback, and faster auto focus. The Canon PowerShot S2 IS is USB 2.0 compatible with a Hi-speed standard for an easier file sharing and transfer to and from your computer, together with an super-speed SD card, the PowerShot S2 could ultimately work for your advantage.

The S2 previews images through fold out 1.8 inch LCD screen display with 115,000 pixel resolution. Its 30 frame per second shooting capability can be reduced at night mode to give you sufficient brightness when taking pictures.

The latest point and shoot Canon digital cameras, apart from the S2, are the PowerShot SD500 and PowerShot SD400.

The SD500 is the first Canon digital camera with 7.1 mega pixels. It captures images to its minutest details – high quality for image making. Its 3x optical zoom serves well for close up shooting along with a 37-111 mm lens – equivalent that of a 35mm film camera. Its curvy figure fits your hands very well – which makes it very good to carry around. Its slim design sets itself apart from other digital cameras with its 2.0 inch LCD for an easier frame and playback use. The amazing features of images taken with the SD500 come from the DIGIC II Image Processor, which all Canon digital cameras have. It works well with the combination of USB 2.0 and hi-speed SD card.

The Canon PowerShot SD500 shoots moving images up to 60 frames per second – a perfect gadget for sports and live action. Its 30 frame per second capability makes it perfect for still images too. The SD500 has different scene modes, portrait, foliage, beach, underwater, fireworks, night snapshot, kids and pets, indoor, snow and digital macro, for you to experiment with. This allows you to shoot and edit at the same time. its customization modes include lightening skin tones, positive film, darker skin tones, etc. making the PowerShot SD500 the perfect Canon digital camera.

These are just a pinch of the many features of the SD500, and more yet to be discussed. Canon’s website contains full details of the Canon PowerShot SD500 and other quality Canon products and releases.

The Next Big Thing Of ’08

With each passing year, personal technology such as phones, gadgets, media electronics, and more get better, smaller, and cheaper. With the introduction of the Apple iPhone and other milestones, 2007 was an incredible year. That means 2008 can only get better and looking at last year’s trends, we are going to take a look at a few trends that will fuel 2008.

While hundreds of products, from Ultra Mobile PCs to “superportables” to tablet PCs, came out last year, none really captured the attention of the mainstream gadget-buying public. That is going to change this year, making flash-based superportables the new thing in 2008. 2008 will lead in a new era of very thin, very light, very quiet flash storage mini-laptops. With no moving parts, flash devices are also sturdier because they do not have delicate parts in the hard drive that can be easily damaged with minor shock.

We have all grown up watching visions of home robots on TV – from “Lost In Space” to “The Jetsons.” The movie “iRobots” depicted robots working by our side. It has come clear to me, that what we once saw on TV as preposterous, ends up being the true way of life. Although a few home robot products have emerged over the last two decades, they have all been either too expensive or to “toyish” for broad consumer use. Although Roomba is not a toy and quite helpful, there are things that the Roomba just can’t do. 2008 will be the year when very intelligent and very affordable home robots go mainstream, thanks to a brilliant new idea: “Connect the robot to a home PC via Wi-Fi, and let the PC serve as the robot’s brains. This innovation means that home robots can cost a few hundred dollars, instead of a couple thousand.” One Robot that I have been following up on (probably due this year) is Zeno. As with most robots, Zeno will be able to recognize your face, show emotions, walk, talk, learn, and more.

I recently purchased a printer, which featured all the norm of a printer, but also included WiFi. Although this is not new, I expect 2008 will be huge in releasing products with built-in WiFi. Most people want to have most of their items easily connected to the internet; Not just PCs and cell phones, but also MP3 players, e-book readers, digital cameras, wristwatches, cars and more. The Amazon Kindle has built-in internet. With that and the iPod Touch making their debut with this particular feature last year, I have a feeling they have started what is to become a huge success.

I speculate that this year will be big with innovative technology with mind-blowing features. GPS will get better, more detailed, Cell Phones will get an upgrade, and social networking will explode even more. If you though it was big in 2007, just wait. Multi-touch computers will be more prevalent. With all this in mind, be prepared to be enlightened with great products this year. As a tech enthusiast, I am excited and anxious to see what shall come. One way or the other, there will be awesome gadget improvement this year.

It’s Official, The Tablet Computer War Is On!

Move over Apple – Make room for a new player and new Tablet Computers to rival the iPad.

Last week, RIM announced the new Blackberry Playbook including a brand new OS built for web browsing, multimedia and more.

Following the breakthrough of e-readers and e-books, as reported in Decisive Magazine, tablet computers are generating more buzz than any other gadgets during 2010.

Just like the iPad, The Blackberry Playbook features a 7″ screen and the device is expected to be available in in the United States in early 2011. Pre-orders will be taken for the Christmas season. Because the Blackberry brand holds a stronger brand stake for e-mail functionality than any other company in the category, their venture into tablet computers must be taken seriously.

The Playbook comes loaded with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and a new Tablet OS which supports true symmetric multiprocessing.It includes dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing that can both record HD video at the same time, and an HDMI-out port for presenting one’s creations on external displays.

The OS is fully POSIX compliant enabling easy portability of C-based code, supports Open GL for 2D and 3D graphics intensive applications like gaming, and will run applications built in Adobe Mobile AIR as well as the new Blackberry WebWorks app platform announced today (which will allow apps to be written to run on Blackberry Playbook tablets as well as Blackberry smartphones with Blackberry 6).

Giants such as Dell, ASUS and Acer have already announced a line-up of tablets to fight for the market share.

The Importance of Gift Cards

Retail companies find the use of gift cards necessary to gain more customers and customer loyalty. These are given during holidays like Christmas or during birthdays. It is because some people find it hard to find the most appropriate gift to buy. It is the next best thing to do by the gift giver. It would not only save the gift giver time and effort but the giver is assured the recipient will love the things bought from the card given. So instead of giving money, it is best next thing to give.

It is pretty much like a credit card, it has a magnetic strip found at the back part of the card which logs the amount of purchased items. A gift card can be used when someone pays for a specific amount on the card. A $1000 worth can go a long way in purchasing items that you wish to buy. It is also pretty much the same as gift vouchers except it is printed on a card instead of paper.

There are many pages in the internet which offer its valuable website visitors a chance to get one. Be very keen in choosing websites which offer free gift cards because there are websites that give out fake cards. Aside from the internet, these are also given out in:

• Accumulated credit card points, most credit card companies issue particular points equivalent to the amount purchased using the credit card. The more frequent the credit card is used, the more points you can get. These credit card companies would delegate specific amount that would make the credit card user eligible to get one for free.

• Attending trades shows and expos are also one of the popular ways of getting one. Normally, participating companies in the trade shows give out business and gift cards this would encourage trade show visitors to visit their stores. Sometimes these companies would require a person to answer particular questionnaires and survey forms in order to get one.

• Internet advertisements by different internet companies offer these cards by simply becoming a part or member of their social networking sites. It could be as simple as liking their Facebook fan page or following the company in the Twitter community.

• Checking out blogs of either commercial or personal blogs often give free stuff. When you do blog hopping, you may find several blog contests that give free gift cards as their prize. These are randomly given to blog visitors.

• Look for a website or fan page like Free Gift Card Page to get your gift cards. Various companies create a tie-up with FB fan page like this because all they need to do is to give the cards and let the Fan Page administrator to the marketing.